The first step in any marketing strategy is educating your customers about the importance of your product and why they should buy your product. Why not make it easier by incorporating an explainer video?

1. Improves customer engagement

A recent study conducted by Microsoft revealed that our attention span have reduced to eight seconds(lesser than that of a gold fish). Well, that says it all.No matter how interactive or informative your article is, it is pretty hard to get the customers’ attention and getting them to read your entire article.But when you have an explainer video of your brand it’ll definitely get them hooked to your video.

2. Conversion rate increases by 35%

Many prefer buying a product offline as they don’t get to see the product or its working, when they purchase it online. By providing a 60 seconds video of your product and explaining its working you can easily get them to convert.

3. SEO

Having a great video content would improve your page ranking as well. Most search engines like google, prioritises video content for page ranking. Instead of spending time in writing and pages and pages of articles, colorful interactive images (which would end up increasing your website’s loading time) adding an explainer video to your homepage would be way more convenient.

4. Gives a better understanding of your product.

The better your customers understand your product, the better the conversion rate. Adding an explainer video along with your product gives you a better chance of conversion. The customers also get to see how your product can help them and why they must buy.

5. Using a story or including a logo enables viewers to remember your brand.

Do you remember any article that you had read 5 years ago? No. But do you remember any TV advertisement that you had watched 5 years ago. Definitely, yes. That’s the power of an explainer video. It grabs your customer’s attention and sticks to their head for a long period of time. Hint: Funnier the ad, longer it stays in their mind.

6. Increases web traffic

Getting more traffic to your site couldn’t have gotten any easier. An explainer video relates to the viewers in a more human level. It explains the product from the customer’s perspective. If your video is good enough, it might go viral in a flash.

7. Reach more people

Aside from the fact that video increases the number of customer engagement, video content spreads like wildfire across the internet, much faster than image and blog content. The interesting part is that the number of views can be tracked and this helps you to measure your reach.

8. Easy and less expensive to promote through social media

You can further increase the reach by promoting it on social media. This will have a huge impact on your online presence. It is comparatively cheaper to promote a video content on social media. For example,the cost for per post engagement to boost a post (image or blog) would be somewhere between Rs.0.5 to 0.7 , while the cost for per post engagement is only Rs.0.07.
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