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Social Media Marketing

Social media is a place where people share their moments, happiness and interested to know the happening things around the world. We provide related content, post and engage more with them and increase the followers as well. Prowide solutions helps customers in creating brand awareness and in reaching larger audience in Social Media through organic and paid ads like Adverts.

Prowide solutions helps in getting you the maximum reach using unique methods which differ from one social media to other. We do organic / unpaid way of promoting post in social media as well but on request we prepare a campaign according to the needs and budget and we will monitor and deliver.

Using all the above social media platforms helps the business to reach crores of people and their own customers and helps in taking their comments about their products and services. It also helps while promoting viral marketing with unique offer and services. We assist you in getting the maximum followers, page likes, post likes and clicks on website links.

We cater to wide range of businesses and we know how to optimize and to use which social media to get maximum exposure to your products and help you get connected with world whom we work with

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing service from Prowide helps in choosing right kind of ad type according to the business and helps you in reaching new potential customers, generate more leads and convert more to conversion. We create successful ad campaigns with right content and keywords and help you plan your budget.

We spend considerable time on choosing the right keywords within budget and get you reach maximum people with more visibility.

Search ads

We use search ads to get your website been showcased below search bar before organic results when search for related product or services. Thus without SEO your ad for website will appear in the first page.

Display ads

We reach the right audience based on selecting their interest, age gender and right websites in google display network including showcasing in gmail and youtube.

Video ads

We customize the audience based on type of video and content and the ads will appear before or end of video. We can set your budget and monitor your audience response using youtube analytics.

In-app mobile ads

This is basically advertising for your app in android or iOS mobile and looking forward to install maximum apps and reaching more people.

Email Marketing Service

Email marketing from Prowide helps you reach your content/ad directly to your customers or leads about your new offer and services on your product. Compared to traditional advertising here you have the option to customize each email with their names and get closer with them. Email marketing helps in getting connected with customers direclty and you could get the feedback on your promotion as well.

Email messages sent to customers are giving access to new market for the company.

Convert the leads to customers

Remarketing to abandoned customers

Helps in increasing the loyalty of customers

Creates brand equity and credibility in the minds of customers

Helps you to express your gratitute with wishes for festivals and celebrations

Content Marketing

We create engaging, interesting content for your business which gives awareness and reputation to your brand. Prowide solutions understand the unique nature of each business and their requirement.

Writing content for a website about their business and services.

Content writing for blogs to get more visitors to the site.

Content writing for e-commerce website like product description and details and creates impression about product experience.

SEO content writing - While writing content for website we do proper keyword analysis to grab the attention with better search engine ranking page. We make sure to have enough content for each page and use the right keywords and relevant LSI keywords to get better rankings. Keyword density is taken care without any stuffing

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