Content Management Systems have proven to be quite efficient in the recent years. It basically comprises of a set of software that aid in the management, distribution, publishing, creation and discovery of information. Simple tools are used in these systems to create, archive and manage content.

Some of the most popular content management systems in use today are

1. WordPress
2. Drupal 
3. Shopify
4. Expression Engine
5. Joomla
6. Radiant CMS
7. TextPattern
8. Silver Stripe

Benefits of Content Management System

1. Technical knowledge is not required – Content management tools are so simple that even those with a basic knowledge of word processing software can easily upload content or media files.

2. User Friendly – A CMS system makes it possible for several users to edit the website which is beneficial for organizations.

3. Easier site maintenance – sites with CMS update themselves automatically. In case of site maintenance or if changes are required it is very easy to do the same without altering the actual website..

4. Simple methods to introduce design changes – In websites powered by CMS , content and design are usually placed in separate virtual boxes. Due to this performing design changes is quite uncomplicated.
5. Content Management – sites with good CMS have inbuilt SEO tools and one can easily add new content after deleting the previous ones.

6. Easy Access to Content – You can access the content anywhere with just a computer and an internet connection.

7. Content Sharing – Websites powered by CMS provide a conducive environment for content sharing as they aid in data automation, process management, workflow management etc.


WordPress is clearly one of the most favoured content management tool. Its popularity can be largely attributed to characteristics like quick installation and ease of access. It is so simple that even those who have limited technical knowledge can learn it. Numerous plugins and enhancements are also available in this, which is another commendable feature of this tool. This tool is widely used for everything ranging from e-commerce websites to personal blogs. Moreover the tool is free for everyone to use. WordPress finds usage in more than 60 million websites currently.


 Shopify was launched in Canada in 2006 and is a boon for ecommerce website developers across the world. The tool is handy and saves the time of web developers as it has a huge variety of themes to design websites. It acts as a one stop option for the development of website and helps with templates, listing of products and even in creating banking getaways. You can also add or edit products easily with this tool.


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